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In October 2007, a group of electronic music producers and DJs formed and became NEATFREQ. We are three artistic musicians trying to give back to the scene what the scene has given to us. We’re also avid advocates of promoting alternative energy sources and sustainable resources. Neatfreq is a multi-genre collaboration of Electronic inspired sounds, from electro to dubstep.

Using sounds, beats, and rhythms that we’ve been listening to since the 90′s, as well as new and more current sounds, we are able to create and mix music for multiple genres. Neatfreq is Havok Mega, DJ Lockjah & Dj HEDLOK, all of which have their own separate renown accomplishments.

Neatfreq is currently booking shows in the southern California area and will also travel for the right offer.

Check back soon for updates about their upcoming Thursday night residency at a new San Diego venue!

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