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Born in Taos, New Mexico, 1980

2005-2012 Owner Wayside Recs.
Denver / San Fracisco / Austin
After releasing music under many monikers over the years, Daniel had Decided to focus all the effort and energy into a sinlge profile.

Hedlok Was formed in 2005 As a group of producers based out of Austin,TX. Original Members Included Mk Ultra, Recall & K2. When Recall & Mk Ultra Moved to Oakland,Ca. in 2007 the group really took off in the local dubstep scene and quickly was signed to the prestigeous Bay Area Dubstep vol.3 on Full Melt Records compiled byBay area legend dj Ripple who is noted alongside Atomidog for introducing dubstep to California.

Shortly following BAD 3 Hedlok’s first full legnth LP ‘Merkaba’ was released on 10/10/10. the album which was in production for over four years was a monumental release for the group. Following the success of the EP ‘Hedlok’ which featured studio work from DNB don Skynet and the 2008 EP ‘Vision Quest’ the group was evolving into a production powerhouse.

Soon the group saw more CD releases and multiple signings from Reputible lables such as Geomagnetic (Which Is widely Regarded as the largest Psy-Trance Label on the planet), With the 2011 EP ‘Event Horizon’ Dubstep SF (Which Featured Hedlok’s ‘Sugar Rush’ Single), Bass Star, ETC.
Hedlok caught the attention of Florida’s Betamorph Recorings and and the label Featured a special free Hedlok EP ‘Summertime Spesh’ Featuring Hedlok’s Groundshaking remix of Nancy Sintra’s “Bang Bang” and “DMT Cult W Joe Rogan” preparing audiences for The EP ‘Vibe Injection’ A track on the EP “More Fire” was picked as a Beatport Must hear track for week 46 of 2011 boosting the buzz about the group.

By 2012 Released the Over the top ABRAXXIS LP. The most successful realse to date featuring 16 Smashing dancefloor dubstep tracks. Boosting the groups popularity worldwide.

Currently Daniel is working solo on Hedlok’s new double LP ‘AEONSCION / pleroma’ Which will be released before the summer of 2012. Constinstaly submerging himself in the esoteric and the spiritual realm Dan will continue to push his world of sound further with collaborations with live artists and His Nomadic Production outfit promises to have a Live Act tour set for 2013 containg a mixture of live art visual’s performers and musicians. Influenced by world sounds, electronic cutting edge production and visual stimulation peaking the limits of sensory input at every angle.

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